What is Penwitch Studio?

Penwitch Studio is an independent podcast network based in Seattle, Washington. Our shows celebrate geek culture using fresh voices rarely found in the genre. Our goal is to entertain and inspire while creating a space to champion new voices in the podcasting world.

Who we are

Penwitch Studio was created in 2020 by Celeste Conowitch and Lysa Penrose to facilitate a community of femme-led podcasts.

Celeste Conowitch

Celeste is a freelance game designer based out of the Pacific Northwest. When not producing her actual play D&D podcast Venture Maidens, you can find her writing for RPG companies such as Wizards of the Coast, Kobold Press, and 2C Gaming. To keep up with her live streams, podcast appearances, and fresh publications, check out her website here.

Lysa Penrose

Brand Manager of Dungeon Masters Guild (dmsguild.com) by day, Lysa creates opportunities for makers to thrive together. When she’s not gathering and engaging communities of creatives, Lysa hosts and produces Behold Her, a podcast showcasing diverse, inspiring stories from femme gamers, and streams magical content on twitch.tv/lysapenrose.

Lysa weaves her own stories alongside elevating others’ voices. She writes for RPG publishers such as Wizards of the Coast, Kobold Press, and Jetpack7, and is the creator of Mundane Magic RPG.

Learn more about Lysa’s projects at lysapenrose.com