Behold Her

A monthly show that spotlights inspiring femmes in tabletop gaming. Interviews, discussions, and audio essays capture the diverse experiences of being a femme gamer in tabletop RPGs.

Produced and hosted by Lysa Penrose
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Fake Geek Girls

A podcast looking at nerdy pop culture from both a fan and critical perspective, encouraging the things we love to do better. New episodes every Monday.

Hosted by Merri and Missy
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The Lovelycraftians

An all-ladies, actual-play foray into the weird world of Call of Cthulu. Episodes released every 2 weeks. Brought you by Wampus House Productions.

Hosted by Cassie, Ashley, Sade and Samantha
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Venture Maidens

A veteran all-female and non-binary 5e D&D actual-play podcast set in the homebrew world of The Planes. Join us for an epic tale full of character-driven roleplay every other Sunday.

Hosted by Celeste, Sage, Naseem, Brittany and Katie
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Death2Divinity is the first all-fat, all-queer, D&D 5E Homebrew Actual Play show and podcast. The people of Acrimon have taken to the skies, as the Wildes have overtaken plane and left its citizens sky-bound dwellers of the whole planet. When our heroes are sent by royalty to reclaim Acrimon, they discover that nothing but divinity itself stands in their way. Our heroes must save the world and save themselves in this fresh take on the Feywild and create an epic no viewer will forget.

We go live on Twitch every Friday 8:30PM EST, but give a crispy edited podcast version.

Hosted by Samantha, Jude, Keda, Katie, Lyrica, and Molly
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